You were made for meaningful connection. 

Dear Beatrice and Elouise, did you know you were made for meaningful and purposeful connection? That love is meant to be soulful and ablaze with passion? Did you know that freedom to be yourselves is a gift that was given to you before the beginning of time? Did you know that life is meant to be felt deeply, softly, and wholeheartedly? I hope and dream for you two to find great purpose in serving others and caring deeply for their needs. I pray and dream that you will never question your abilities to conquer challenges, your strength to lean into pain, or your courage to be who you were designed to be. I pray you never spend your days at the alter of productivity and striving just to prove that you can keep up with the hustle and fast pace of life our culture begs us to have. Instead I hope you will lead a culture that seeks rest, peace from within, sharing meaningful connections with others, sharing kindness, vulnerability, and welcoming people with open arms through hospitality and acceptance. I dream for you to raise up a culture that seeks out meaningful living, truth, passion, and real self love. Letting go of the false hope that you can do and be all to everyone. Instead hold on to the power of what you know your body needs to be fueled and nourished in this life. Hold on to what makes your heart flutter, hold on to what your body needs and craves, hold on to what is meaningful and good in this life. May you nourish the softest parts of your souls by giving space and time a chance to find hold ground in your hearts. Giving peace and joy a chance to flood in and cover the areas of hopelessness and sorrow. I hope you say YES to a life that is present and fully aware of the beauty and need for your unique selfs. I love you more than life itself. I just know that you both will be the brightest light shining through the trees, illuminating kindness, courage, and beauty in the face of darkness. The girls and I are dressed in MIEN. This beautiful shop out of California uses only organic cotton and hand dyes all of their clothing. This collection is responsibly made in the USA which is pretty amazing if you ask me! The clothing is beyond comfortable, versatile, and fitting for day wear/evening. 

Women’s collection pictured: Lakeside wide leg jumper in zinc, Maven open side tunic, Lakeside wide leg culottes Shop this look here!

Madrid low woven clogs: Sandgren Clogs
Mini collection featured on Bea and Elouise: Mini pinefore dresses is color terra-cotta and zinc grey. Shop this look here!



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