Sister cuddles+Dockatot

Welcoming home our sweet Elouise Lucille has been a big adjustment for our sweet Beatrice. Everyday she is balancing out a bit and loving on her sister a little more. I love the connection I already see between them and the love and compassion that radiates from Beatrice towards Eluoise. Elouise has been a great sleeper so far, which is different for us as Bea was not 😉 

A lot of you have asked how we are liking our dockatot for co-sleeping with Eluoise and I can say we like it/love it so much. Not only does she feel held tight and secure, but it’s made breastfeeding so handy as she’s right next to me in arms reach. 

The dockatot comes in two sizes the deluxe for babies up to 8 months and the grand for toddlers! We really love the material, quality, and functionality of this bed for little babes and feel so thankful this was sent our way! I love that when she’s not sleeping on my chest (which is my favorite thing ever) my babe feels snug and tight as she lies in her dockatot swaddled. 

You can find the direct link to purchase your dockatot below:

Sophia ❤️

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