Seriously Silly

Imperfections are beauty, madness is genius, and silly is better than boring.-Author unknown

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Lets face it, life can be seriously challenging, convicting, and painful at times. But life can also be seriously hopeful, light, approachable and silly too. When I think about my teenage years and how serious I took myself it kind of makes me giggle. I was serious about my thoughts, my speech, my challenges, and how I wanted to be viewed by others.

Ten years later here I am a wife to Aaron and mother to Beatrice with a second one on the way. And boy, have my thoughts changed on how I want to live this one precious life. When Beatrice first came along I was pretty uptight and had my undies in a bundle at any given moment . I wanted so badly to have it all together, to be the best mom possible, and raise her to be a loving, caring and responsible child. But what I forgot is how much easier life is on a daily basis when we don’t take everything too seriously, but rather enjoy these passing moments, taking time to inhale the present, and being okay with the imperfect moments. I forgot that kids don’t need you to cover up your mistakes, or to choose embarrassment over laughter. They need you to be approachable and light. They need a little silliness sprinkled throughout their days. And so do you!

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Beatrice was and still is happy, joyful, and adventurous. She loved to giggle, play, and be silly with me. As i’ve raised Beatrice these last three years I have come to know that children carry little weight. They feel and sense deeply. They love when adults are silly and don’t take themselves too seriously. Why? Because young children don’t know what this word “serious” means until they see it acted out in front of them reminding them that they must show remorse for spilling the milk on the floor, or they must act a certain way in front of others. But what if we approached life the same way? Not always needing to please everyone that crosses our path, taking time to laugh at ourselves and laugh with our children. What if we didn’t feel the need to cover up our hurts but simply started living in a joyful state of mind;less tense, more silly, and genuinely squeezing every ounce of happiness out of this life.

Children are so good at this. They were wired to see the world with optimism, innocently dancing to the beat of their own drum, to flourish in a gentle atmosphere, to notice the color of the bird sitting on the branch, and to find adventure through jumping in puddles and getting their boots muddy. Joy comes easy to them. But all of those things are not lost as we grow older their just buried underneath the blanket of lies saying we must take life more seriously. We must show people as little as possible about ourselves for fear we may not fit in, we must show our children that not everything is funny and silly.

Now, I know there needs to be a fine balance and that there are plenty of teachable moments when parenting wisely and responsibly. But there are also plenty of moments to sit back and enjoy the joy and silliness of our children. In return our children feel accepted and free to live their life through adventure and fun without feeling fearful of every step along the way.

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Children know that life is meant to be lived and loved wholeheartedly. Why not encourage the silliness so that our children may see us as open free beings rather than a hard wall seeking to correct every mistake that gets in our way or day.

So today mommas, I encourage you to lighten up and choose to be seriously silly instead of seriously serious. That is what brings out the richness and flavor that life has to offer.


  1. I completely agree with you. Seriously silly is the best policy! I really enjoyed reading this post and live the photography. Your little girl is beautiful.

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