Today was day of two of potty training, and I think we both needed a little breather. Frustrations and emotions were at an all time high. So we headed to our favorite spot by the lake and had a picnic. Beatrice munched on popcorn and listened for the sounds of helicopters while chatting away about the weather and pinecones.

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Sometimes in the daily struggles of motherhood we must remember who we are and the strength we posses. It may not come easily at first, but we grow with each new day. Beatrice speaks to me everyday, inviting growth that sometimes feels really hard and frustrating, she provokes patience to be felt and sensed through every minute of the day. And for this I am grateful. Because to truly live and be present in our children’s world means “I learn from her, and she learns from me.” Our children have so much to offer to who we are as individuals and they have so much to teach us. I live for these exhausting, beautiful, and down right messy moments in time.

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May we make time for our children to day dream, to feel nature through all of their senses, to be told what they can do and not what they cant do, to be held a little closer, to find the beauty in the pinecones and the sounds of helicopters over our heads.

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May you find strength as a mother, as a wife, and as a person to let go of any expectations or judgements you place upon yourself. May love and gratitude fill your hearts and make peace with the wars inside our heads.

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Happy Tuesday my friends from these two peaches!!:)