My mama did a lot of things right with me growing up but one that stands out to me and has stuck is: “never going to bed with makeup on.” From an early age of ten years old my Mama always made sure I had a good moisturizer and cleanser to use morning and night. She talked to us about the benefits of keeping your face clean and hydrated and how later on in life we would thank her. Well thank you MAMA! 😉 

A lot of you sweet friends and mamas have been asking me to share my skin secrets and what products I use daily to take care of my skin. I’m not going to lie it’s not a quick hop and skip but this I why I believe my skin has always treated me with grace unless those pesky hormones are in play, than it seems it’s just a waiting game. 

I’m sharing a few of my favorite skin care products one of them being oSea skin care! This skincare line is plant based seaweed. They combine earth and ocean to nourish and hydrate your skin naturally. I really can’t say enough about the products. They are just that GOOD! 

Here are my tips below for keeping your skin radiant and exfoliated which is a major part to having healthy skin in the first place. Cleansing is so good to remove impurities but we need a good exfoliater to get way down into the pours so we have that fresh dewy feeling after we’ve washed. 

Step one
: Oseamalibu cleanser is an ocean cleanser made of organic algae, this is for dry to normal skin and will remove impurities and maintain your skins natural moisture balance which is so very important. 

Step two
: Oseamalibu probiotic polish that gentle exfoliates the face as you rub about 3/4 teaspoon into the palm and sprinkle a few drops of water to form a paste. This polish has vitamin C, and is infused with probiotics. Begin massaging in circular motion for a couple minutes all over the face. This stuff is the absolute bomb. Leaves your face so smooth and polished 

Step three
: Oseamalibu atmosphere protection cream is 100% natural and lightweight for everyday use and works so well under sunscreen and makeup application. This antioxidant rich moisturizer creates a protective barrier on your skin. 

Step four: Oseamalibu brightening serum is a natural anti aging  for all skin types and even helps with the appearance dark spots which I have and it also helps reduce the appearance of pigmentation! This is a blend of organic seaweed, ferulic acid and vitamin C. 

To purchase Oseamalibu skin care click this link below: 


Lastly here are four other things I use on a weekly basis and almost never forget to incorporate into my skin care regimen. 

Once a week I use the “PMD” personal microdermabrasion that exploites very deep into the pours and leaves your skin silky smooth and dewy. Going to the salon to get this done is very expensive, this little machine will be your best friend!! This is a must! 

I also shave my face once a week, yes I was nervous about this at first too!! But…I promise the hair comes back peachy fuzzy and not wiry. It makes makeup application a breeze and again is just another great way to rid the face of dead skin. You can find a razor like the one pictured on amazon or at any of your local Walmart/Targets. 

Twice a week I use a retinal cream by “Alpha skin care” this is a enhanced wrinkle repair cream that is 15% retinal. This helps to support collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a must.  Shop this cream here: https://www.amazon.com/Alpha-Hydrox-Optimum-Retinol-Anti-Wrinkle/dp/B0000535VH

Every night and every morning I use under eye cream, and my favorite brand is “Alpha skin care” nourishing eye cream that has vitamin C and hyalronic acid in it. Soothing and really does the job. 

Alright loves I hope that answers some of your questions and feel free to leave comments with any more questions or comments!



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