Just the three of us+Lorena Canals Rugs

Well it was my first morning on my own with my two baby girls…and I have to say we survived;) my momma left early for the airport after being here for ten days and being the biggest help ever. Isn’t help the best when your going through a major life transition? I’m so thankful. 

Waking up to my grunting babe and feeding her in bed is just the best. Every morning my daughter Beatrice comes into my room and says “where is my Elouise” and kisses her forehead while she watches a couple shows and baby Elioise doses off to sleep once again. We’re all in newborn bliss over here with a mix of sleep deprivation 😉

This morning I took these photos of my girls after we got dressed and thought to myself “Seeing these two loving on each other makes my heart explode with gratitude and teaches me more about compassion each passing day.” Motherhood is truly stretching, yet magnificent at the same time. Each day I get to love on these girls and call them mine! 

Today I am sharing about our current favorite rug from Lorena Canals rugs. These rugs are machine washable making it such a great option for messy toddlers and dirty feet! I also can easily run a vacuum over it to fluff it up or throw it in the wash for a quick clean! I love the styles and colors Lorena Canals Rugs come in and will be sure to have many more in our new house come fall! These are must have rugs if your in the season of raising babies and kids! Incredibly soft on the feet, functional, and beautiful to look at. Visit their website athttp://lorenacanals.us/ or their Instagram page at @lorenacanalsrugs


•Blue shoes shown on my daughter Bea can be found @pediped, stuffed bunny @cuddleandkind, pacifier clip @ryanandrose •

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