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Awwwe….transition, adjustment, life changes..we all go through them as adults and children as well. Today I’m sharing straight from the heart on helping your toddler transition into the role of “big sister” or “big brother.” 

Welcoming sweet Elouise has been the best gift our family has been given this year along with my husband finishing flight school, but that does not come with some hard days and extra cuddles for our first born daughter Beatrice. For those of you getting ready to welcome another bundle into the family I have jotted down a few helpful ways to make the transition for your toddler a little easier and manageable for the whole family! 
Just know Momma that the first week will be the hardest and there’s not much you can do to get around that! There little emotions have a lot to process and sometimes the best recipe is time and extra snuggles and lots of praise. Here are few tips we have found successful so far:) 

•ROUTINE: Your newborn baby will take some time to find a routine but your toddler most likely already has one in place. Stick with it! This helps give them a sense of security and stability for their changing emotions. 

•GIFTS: Have a few special presents for your toddler to open the first week to let them know you are thinking of them and wanting them to feel special and supported. 

•TASKS: Give you toddler tasks each day that don’t always involve the baby itself. Ask them kindly to get you a glass of water, or help you throw clothes in the washer and dryer. Help them feel capable of helping and feeling needed by including them in small tasks.

•ATTENTION: Having a newborn full time job around the clock, but try to squeeze in a few minutes here and there where your attention is on the toddler. Make eye contact and show that you care about what their building or playing with. 

•PRAISE: Praise them as much as you can! Having a new sibling is such a big change, and when they are loving on the new baby make sure to give them praise for that! Remind them how important and special they are to you when you tuck them in at night. 

•GRACE: Lastly give your self grace upon grace to not always have a perfect day or clean house. Love your babies hard, do your best, honor who your children are and that will always be enough for them. They see you and they see how hard your trying. 

These cute milestone cards can be found at http://shop.milestone-world.com/ or follow their Instagram page @milestonebaby. I find it really fun having a cute photo card to document milestones in your children’s life. Beatrice loves to go through these cards and read them and tell me which ones she can and cannot do! Today she couldn’t just pick just one so we picked four things she can now do on her own. She’s becoming such a big girl and I’m so proud of her and love having these cards to document her growth! 

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Sophia, Elouise, and Beatrice ?


  1. Eight weeks away from welcoming our second little boy into this world. What a great (and timely) post and such great tips to help our two year old adjust to the role of big brother in those first few weeks. But I especially love the last tip- Grace! So important to hang onto, especially on those rough days when you just have to forgive yourself and move on. Thanks for posting!

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