Dream Hair with “The Hidden Crown”

Ahhhh. I’m so excited to share the hidden crown with you all today! In my opinion, you can never have too much hair. Haha! Plus, if you’re into braiding and doing fun things with your hair, you will want this amazing crown! I was so happy with how easy it was to put on and take off. It’s very comfortable and forms to your head the more you wear it! The quality of the hair is really quite spectacular, and incredibly soft.

Hidden Crown is the hair extension that gives you the perfect dream hair in less than a minute. They do not use clips, or glue that can damage the hair! Instead, they use a very soft and strong clear wire that is adjustable to the size and shape of your head.They have several options when it comes to all your personal hair problems. I’ve always LOVED doing my own hair, and have since I was just little, so having this Hidden Crown to add more length and fullness is the cherry on top! The extension is just like it says, a halo that fits on the crown of your head. When you first get your halo crown you will follow the directions to ensure a good fit around your head, along with easy to follow instructions should you need to re-wire your halo or make it a bit smaller. I’m so excited to play around with more braiding styles and ponytails. I’m also obsessed with putting flowers in my hair lately as I feel it gives a fresh and whimsical touch to any hair style!

Click here for a video tutorial that explains how to properly wear your hidden crown extension: https://youtu.be/P-dwDp6VWNw

Now go on and get yours :)))



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