Birthing Elouise Lucille

Dear baby girl,

On the day you were born heaven rejoiced with great joy, love was bestowed and you, my child, were set apart; unique  from the rest and welcomed with some fierce and wild love. 

My sweet girl,  you were certainly comfortable in my womb and had no plans of arriving anytime soon and boy does that fit your personality now that you are earth side – Content, peaceful, sweet, and loving your sleep.

Daddy and I came to the hospital at about 6am ready for a gentle induction to help welcome you into this brave new world. Our doula, Jennifer, was by my side the entire birth. Our room was filled with hints of lavender and peppermint and all my favorite songs playing softly. My closest friend and my strong momma sat next to me. My labor was done using yogic breath, deep inhales through the nose, deep exhales out the mouth and lots of quiet moaning. I rocked back and forth on the birthing ball, I walked and walked, and often repeated these words in my head “My body is not broken, I am capable and strong, my baby is coming.”

I had planned on doing a natural birth for you and had done quite a bit a preparation mentally using meditation and speaking out my birth affirmations on a daily basis. Momma had taped those positive words on our refrigerator at home months ago.  

There came a point in labor when my body needed water and so that is where I spent my time..in the warm tub. Then transition came and it was time to push.  I had heard so much about “transition” and how that’s the hardest part of the birth, the part where I would give up and say it’s too much. Boy, were they right. Everything was very peaceful up until this point. My body was tired, my emotions were getting the best of me, and I yelled out many times ” I can’t do this, I just can’t do this.” I’ll never forget sweet girl the way your daddy got me through. I remember seeing his face through the glass as I labored in the tub. He hung my birth affirmations in front of me with tears streaming down his face, and pointing aggressively to these water- colored pictures I had created. I looked deep into his eyes wanting nothing more than to be done, to quit, but I knew he believed in me. I knew I could do it. I knew this is what I wanted. My doula got me through the hardest contractions, she always kept eye contact with me and always made me feel powerful and capable of this task. Once I got out of the tub, you, my love, came so incredibly fast, three swift pushes that felt like I was birthing fire, and there you were on my chest, all of you and everything we could have dreamed of. Crying and searching for me. Incredibly soft, incredibly worth the fight, worth the pain, worth it all. 

To all the Mommas who have given birth or will… believe in the power house YOU are. No matter how your birth goes, cesarean, epidural, pitocin, whatever expectations are lost, or how hard it gets, you are a warrior, a strong mother. My first birth was incredibly different from this one. I did not get to do a natural birth, I did not have an easy labor, and I had a lot of healing to do. But you, sweet girl, came how you wanted, with a lot of peace, pure surrender and a whole lotta faith in myself and my body. 

My hospital gown can be found at http://www.della-b.com/  insta page @dellabgowns. Not only did this gown make me feel beautiful, it’s functionality is so cool! It zips down the center for easy access to breastfeed, snaps all the way down the back and sides and comes in so many beautiful colors/designs. It was truly such a sweet gift and I loved being able to wear this instead of the scratchy, uncomfortable gowns the hospital offers. 

These photos were taken by a very close friend, Rachel.  I can’t thank her enough for capturing this life changing day. After birth photos taken by April White: ttp://aprilwhitephotography.blogspot.com/?m=0


Love momma


  1. Giving birth is such a powerful and empowering experience. Thank you for sharing and congratulations!

  2. Ashley Crandall says:

    So sweet Sophia and such a great birth story! Motherhood is the best!

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