Wintery, windy, and cold days give me all the cravings for savory comfort food. This is a little recipe I put together that is simple and delicious, and pretty easy to make. 

First you will want to cut the little acorns in half and than dig out the seeds. You will want about one acorn squash per person especially if you have big eaters. 

Place the acorn squashes face down in an inch or so of water bake at 350 for about an hour to an hour n half. They are done when a knife smoothly goes in and out.

While the acorn squash is cooking; fry up some bacon I used about six strips and set aside to cool! 

There are several variations to stuff in your acorn squash. You can use a red sauce, sausage instead of bacon, a different veggie in place of the Brussels! Just experiment:)

Ingredient list I used:

Acorn squash


Brussels sprouts


Fresh garlic 

Brown rice


Olive oil

Salt and pepper 

Garlic salt

Brags seasoning(optional)

Any fresh herbs you have on hand 


Sauté the Brussel sprouts on medium heat with olive oil, brags seasoning, salt/pepper, garlic salt, onion, and fresh garlic till soft than add in spinach, bacon and cooked rice. Turn off stove and add in feta cheese! Scoop all of this into your freshly cooked squash! Boom delicious.




  1. Jamie says:

    New to your blog! These look amazing!!

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