A New Year, a New YOU with Helix

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a sensitive stomach. Some of it, of course, caused by my anxiety and sensitivities to different foods. It’s taken some time to figure out what I can and can’t tolerate; I am still on a journey of figuring it all out! So when Helix sent me the at-home food sensitivity kit from EverlyWell I was really excited to see what my results would be like I once I got them!Do you find yourself wishing you had easier access to taking care of your body and knowing more about the very things that keep you energized and in check? Our bodies have such an amazing way of telling us when things are off or feel funny. But sometimes we want answers to why we feel a certain way, or what is causing sleeplessness, irritability, or maybe even exhaustion. I am truly excited to be sharing my personal experience using Helix a product called FoodSensitivity+by EverlyWell (one of Helix’s partners). Helix is dedicated to making DNA learning accessible and actionable for everyone. They strive to help others make more informed choices on their health, fitness, nutrition, and much more. Helix is on a mission to empower and educate others to discover the sequencing and storing of DNA. Helix “believes in a world where everyone benefits from their biological information and is able help all of humanity lead better lives.”

The process of opening up my kits and following the instructions was quite simple, informative and easy to follow. You simply order your at home test kits online, pick it up at your door-step, and follow the easy instructions to send back your samples. I can hardly wait to see what my results will be and some ways to better my health and overall wellness. I love that this product was made to save time, educate, and build stronger bodies to better serve and nourish what we have.

Empower your-self and others by taking an active step to get to know your whole self. Find out what foods your body may be sensitive to and how your DNA may influence nutrient levels with the ease of an at-home blood and saliva kit from EverlyWell. Use my personal code ‘CULTIVATEMOTHERHOOD’ to receive 30% off an product on the Helix platform. Click here to shop: DNA kit!



This is a paid/sponsored post, however the opinions stated are my own.

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