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You were made for meaningful connection. 

Dear Beatrice and Elouise, did you know you were made for meaningful and purposeful connection? That love is meant to be soulful and ablaze with passion? Did you know that freedom to be yourselves is a gift that was given to you before the beginning of time? Did you know that life is meant to be felt deeply, softly, and wholeheartedly? I hope and dream for you two to find great purpose in serving others and caring deeply for their needs. I pray and dream that you will never question your abilities to conquer challenges, your strength to lean into pain, or your courage to be who you were designed to be. I pray you never spend your days at the alter of productivity and striving just to prove that you can keep up with the hustle and fast pace of life our culture begs us to have. Instead I hope you will lead a culture that seeks rest, peace from within, sharing meaningful connections with others, sharing kindness, vulnerability, and welcoming people with open arms through hospitality and acceptance. I dream for you to raise up a culture that seeks out meaningful living, truth, passion, and real self love. Letting go of the false hope that you can do and be all to everyone. Instead hold on to the power of what you know your body needs to be fueled and nourished in this life. Hold on to what makes your heart flutter, hold on to what your body needs and craves, hold on to what is meaningful and good in this life. May you nourish the softest parts of your souls by giving space and time a chance to find hold ground in your hearts. Giving peace and joy a chance to flood in and cover the areas of hopelessness and sorrow. I hope you say YES to a life that is present and fully aware of the beauty and need for your unique selfs. I love you more than life itself. I just know that you both will be the brightest light shining through the trees, illuminating kindness, courage, and beauty in the face of darkness. The girls and I are dressed in MIEN. This beautiful shop out of California uses only organic cotton and hand dyes all of their clothing. This collection is responsibly made in the USA which is pretty amazing if you ask me! The clothing is beyond comfortable, versatile, and fitting for day wear/evening. 

Women’s collection pictured: Lakeside wide leg jumper in zinc, Maven open side tunic, Lakeside wide leg culottes Shop this look here!

Madrid low woven clogs: Sandgren Clogs
Mini collection featured on Bea and Elouise: Mini pinefore dresses is color terra-cotta and zinc grey. Shop this look here!




Nourishing from the inside out.

Self care…we all are aware that this is an essential part of nourishing our bodies and souls but all too often life is full of anxiety, to-do lists, and on the go activities that leave us sometimes feeling alone and fully exhausted mentally and physically. I’ve been very aware of the feelings and emotions after going through a rough month of anxiety attacks that were brought on by insomnia. I personally have never experienced insomnia until a couple months ago and I hope I never experience it again. I was dealing with some fears and worries personally that lead me to sleepless nights, a brain that couldn’t shut down, and feelings of exhaustion and stress I’ve never felt so strongly before. Maybe this is you. Maybe you feel like life is moving along at lightening speed. You feel tired, alone in your anxiety, and want to give yourself the self care you know you need but you don’t know how. It took me some time and deep reflection to truly listen to what my body was needing/still needing to this day  and what would get me back on track. 

Here’s a few things I personally did to make sure that I was taking care of my whole self and finding the helpful tools to set my mind at peace. 

1) Go to your Dr. tell them the ways in which you are struggling. My dr recommended adding magnesium to my diet, as magnesium is a natural supplement that supports energy levels, sleep, and anxiety. Magnesium activates over 300 enzyme reactions in the body, translating to thousands of biochemical reactions happening on a constant basis daily. Magnesium is crucial to nerve transmission, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, energy production, nutrient metabolism and bone and cell formation. Basically every person could benefit from magnesium in their everyday diet! I am so thankful I found Natural Calm it’s a powder form of magnesium that easily dissolves into hot water or cold water. They have quite a few flavors but my favorite being the lemon raspberry! I like to add fresh lemon juice and ice and take it with me on the go.

2) Reach out to friends and family close to you that could understand or empathize with you and offer support. Be open and let them know you are struggling. This takes courage but it’s really important in your journey to remember self care for yourself. 

3) My dr recommended buying a journal and journaling all of my fears and concerns. Good or bad get them written down on paper every night and then close that journal and be done with it for the day. 

4)Turn your phone off at a designated time you pick for yourself every night. Do something instead that gives your body rest and relaxation. For me I take a lavender, epsom salt bath every night before bed. I light a candle and turn the light off and soak in silence. This has helped my body and mind reprogram back to restful sleep and peace.

5) Meditate on positive things such a scripture, poems, music that you find inspiring. Repeat mantras such as “I am worthy and deserving of self care” maybe you repeat that ten times a day or more until those words start to resonate with who you are instead what you think you aren’t in the moment. 

6) Practice gentleness. Gentleness is what we need to truly grasp what beautiful and worthy humans we truly are. Gentleness is full of grace and love for a body that serves us and works for us everyday to heal and nourish the deepest parts of our souls. Reach deep inside and you will find strength and wisdom that have been there from the start. Dust off the parts of you that feel frail, tired, and insecure. Let the sun shine in and illuminate the beautiful and soft parts of you. Let your body be nourished by what is good and truthful in your life. Give yourself permission to feel silence, to feel the calm, to feel the sensations of the body when self care is truly in place. 

How do you practice self care?


#Momsdopalms Trip

This past week I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing Instagram bloggers in real life that I met online nearly a year ago. Flying in from all over the US we met up at the sweetest getaway house in Palm Springs for a week of fun in the sun! I seriously am better and richer for knowing these sweet women and feel so grateful for the time away I had with them. Palm Springs was such a fun experience with all the cactus, brightly colored doors, and delicious food. I left these women and house feeling refreshed with a full heart and huge smile. Our accommodations at @thewkndhouse was nothing short of perfect. You will find the modern inspired, fun, eclectic home welcoming from the moment you step in and fall in love with the gorgeous blue door, different themed bedrooms, and amazing pool yard. Swimwear by @kortnijeane

To book the Weekend house AirBnB click here!

Until next time Palm Springs…




(Part 3) Tips for better photography & A cohesive Instagram feed :

So happy to be sharing Part three with the loveliest group of bloggers and social influencers to share a new series I have started here on my blog called #TheMomBlogCollective. Twice a month, a group of 10 of us will be sharing a blog post on the same topic — related to blogging, instagram, working with brands, making money, photography, motherhood and more. More than almost anything else, each of us get asked how we started blogging, what tips we have for someone looking to start, how to work with companies for sponsored posts and more, so those questions are the starting point for our series! Today’s topic will cover editing, apps, and tips for creating a cohesive feed.

Share a little about your Instagram feed and style what is the look you go for and why?

I’ve always been drawn to a more earthy, organic, moody feel when it comes to my photos and the esthetic feel of my instagram. I feel I’ve achieved this best by trial and error. I’ve tried many different filters and many different apps for editing my photos. But when I finally picked the filter and editing apps I felt was in line with my style and look I started using that for every photo. I also started paying more attention to my color scheme and asking myself what colors i’m drawn too. 

How do you create a cohesive feed on Instagram:

I like to think about the colors and tones that will appear on my feed. I generally stick with green, white, cream, and some pops of grey and blue. I also always use the same editing apps and filter to keep each photo cohesive with the next. I find planning apps very useful when your trying to keep a cohesive feed. Right now I use Planoly, that way I can see my photos in front of me and can see where to place my next photo! I think it’s incredibly helpful and essential for keeping things true to your style and esthetic on your feed. Below is a photo of my feed and the colors I have talked about above!

 What do you use to take your photos and how do you typically edit them apps filters tips:

I have always used my phone which is an iPhone 7. I find that it’s easily accessible to me and easy to use for everyday use when I’m out and about. I have three apps I use to edit in this order: First being Filmborn (this brightens a photo that is dark , but I use it for every photo I edit regardless if it’s dark or not) the next would be Snapseed for this app I use the exposure and sharpening tools. I love the exposure because I can darken or brighten a pair of jeans for instance or make my lip color darker or lighter. It’s also amazing for sharpening your photo, making it more clear and defined. The third app I use is VSCO which offers many different choices with filters. Some you can purchase but most are free. Find one that fits with your color scheme and stick with it. Here below I will show an example of using Filmborn to brighten a photo! The one on the right is a bit darker. Because of that I simply used kodak P160 to brighten up this image and then used the sharpening tool/brightening tool. It’s a subtle difference but makes the image pop and feel lighter and more fresh. 

Below is an example of using the Snapseed app for exposure and  sharpening (I used the exposure to help the framed photos in the back pop out more as well as darkening the paint color as it was washed out a bit. I also used the exposure to bring out the flowers in Beatrice’s dress and added some rosy cheeks. After that I used the vsco filter for the finished photo! 

How do you get your kids to participate and smile for the camera ?

Haa! This can sometimes be tricky with my four year old as she has to be in the right mood to participate and have fun with it! Elouise on the other hand is easier to photograph right now except that she started walking lol and is so quick! I’ve found lollipops to be the best way to get some pretty darn cute photos lol of the both of them together. They usually last for a good 5 min 😉 I try to be as playful as I can and not to serious! Beatrice understandable that brands send us stuff to take photos in and she enjoys getting packages in the mail so that helps a lot!

Please feel free to comment with any additional questions my friends! I hope you found this helpful and will incorporate this into your next editing session 🙂

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