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Brave Heart. 

Bravery. We all want to be and exemplify that word. For some it may be jumping through a huge hurdle in their life, taking on a new unfamiliar job or move, skydiving, swimming with sharks, climbing a high mountain, or maybe even facing their worst fear head on. 

But for some maybe bravery comes in the quietness of unseen hot tears underneath the bedsheets clinging to hope and processing the hard things in life, or maybe it’s a warm hug we offered a stranger because we saw pain in their eyes, and tears running down their cheeks. For some bravery comes in the quiet moments where we’ve stirred up enough strength in our heart to face our fears and pent up shame. 
What if bravery wasn’t always an epic, huge milestone we overcame? What if it’s the quiet voice telling us to dare to dream a little bigger, to see ourselves in a new light, or to come alive to the fact that people need us and want us in their life. These little moments spark bravery. 

Maybe some of you are facing daring situations in your life, overwhelming loss, or unplanned and unforeseen bumps in the road? Did you know you are brave? You are brave because you are choosing to go through these hoops, dive into the pain, and look fear in the eyes. You are brave for being able to tell yourself “you are enough” in a world that says you don’t quite measure up. You are brave for telling someone something honest and vulnerable in hopes that it will inspire strength within them. You are brave for baring your heart to another in hopes of finding love and connection. You are brave for loving and accepting someone through loss of trust and betrayal. You are brave for all the times you thought you couldn’t pick yourself back up. You are brave for standing by that hospital bed believing for the best. You are brave for telling someone you trust that you were hurt and neglected. You are brave for finding the courage to take that 17th pregnancy test. You are brave for getting over an addiction that consumed your life. You are brave for waiting patiently for your soldier to come home, even on your hardest day. You did it! You are a brave heart for simply being the person God created you to be. 

You see a brave heart faces what some may deam dangerous or risky. For what some may see as a dead end, or overwhelming heartache. But you, the brave heart, you see the silver lining in the grey sky, your hope though it may be a thread is anchoring you down, your passion and love for others is driving you to dig deeper to see things clearer, and become the brave heart you already are. 
Whatever your mountain may be right now, take heart, grab hold of everything that makes you brave, and believe the truth of what you are already accomplishing in your life. Let your brave heart feel pain, emotion, and grief. Let your brave heart heal the places that feel broken inside. Believe you are enough. Believe you have what it takes to empower and celebrate others, to come alongside them and give them your support and heart. 

After all, we are all on a journey of becoming more brave and courageous. But maybe sometimes being brave might look quiet, it might be seen in the mundane tasks of life, it might be seen in a simple act of kindness you mustered up the strength to give someone in need. Maybe these small moments of seeing your brave heart played out is shocking and not given enough credit in your eyes or another. But to every brave heart, this is who you are. This is you being brave in the face of adversity. Believe it 🙂