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Spring into Beauty

Hey Mommas, It’s easy to forget to pamper ourselves sometimes when the business of motherhood is in full swing. I have found a couple tricks to keeping my skin well hydrated and nourished before bed that I am sharing with ya’ll today. So go ahead a give yourself ten minutes each night to pamper, relax, and get that skin glowing. Today I am sharing my go to products for glowing, healthy skin, and my new favorite all natural make -up I have been trying out. All of these ingredients are 100% organic, and naturally sourced. The oils I use on a daily basis are young livings essential oils that enhance and keep the health of your skin in check. Follow below for my homemade toning spray, moisturizing cream,  exfoliating scrub and favorite mineral makeup.

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My favorite oils for the skin and why?

Lavender: Smells amazing while helping to soothe irritated skin and greatly enhance the appearance of your skin.

Orange: A natural face brightener that gives skin a fresh and glowing appearance.

Tea tree: A wonderful oil to use to treat blemishes and enhance the appearance of the skin leaving you with a cool and tingling sensation.

Sacred frankincense: This oil is an all purpose oil that can help decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle.

Carrot seed: Carrot seed oil is a wonderful oil to place diluted under the eyes to decrease the appearance of baggy eyes/naturally de-puff!

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Before I begin my skincare routine at bedtime I apply a natural face wash to clean off  the dirt of the day and makeup. After I have washed and dried my face I than use a scrub alongside my clarisonic brush that helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and thoroughly washed.

Baking soda scrub:

~1tsp baking soda

~1 drop tea tree oil

~A couple sprinkles of water

Mix into a paste, apply to the skin and use the clarisonic in a circular motion around the face, rinse and towel dry the face. Purchase yours @clarisonic!

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After I have exfoliated the skin, I then use my homemade toner.

1 glass spray bottle

filled half way with witch hazel astringent

~5 drops lavender

~5 drops tea tree oil

~5 drops purification

Apply on a cotton pad and then finish with a fine mist on the face and neck!

Homemade moisturizing cream:

1 small container to store cream

Organic coconut oil

~1o drops sacred frankincense

~8 drops lavender

~5 drops orange

~8 drops tea tree oil

Mix together well and store in a cool dry place

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And there ya go! Your go to “me time” at night. Your skin will thank you and so will this make up i’m about to share with ya’ll!;)

Interested in purchasing young living oils? Contact me at @cultivate_wellness my independent distributor number is #3285495

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Lately I have been searching for an all natural mineral makeup that actually covers and leaves my skin with a natural glow. Well I found it. Let me introduce you to “Moonrise Creek & Cosmetics.” A high quality, apothecary, botanical skin care line. These mineral foundations and blushes/bronzers are beautifully crafted and made with so much love. So far I have tried the medium mineral foundation, vintage peach glow, and the warm chestnut luster bronzer. Not only do they cover well but they give my skin this glowing, dewy appearance that makes me fall in love with these products every time. Finding a good make-up is hard so if you are on the hunt go check out @moonrisecreek or go to 🙂

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