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Cow farm+Sunhats

Today Beatrice and I went out to the local organic milk farm not to far from where we live. We enjoy watching the cows and seeing all the farm land. Its a quick stop but every time we pull up I hear sweet chatter from the back talking about the cows and her favorite chocolate milk. The next time we go they offered to let us see the cows being milked! What a wonderful opportunity for the both of us to learn and be outside together.

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Its been a rough week for the both of us with potty training and not always being patient with each other. I find myself placing blame on who I am as a mother when I think I have failed her in some way or another. Sometimes bringing me to tears. So here are some  thoughts running through my head today from the words of “William Martin.” Do not slip into the downward spiral of blame, shame, and control. It doesn’t work. Reflecting on these words this afternoon and asking myself these deep questions: 

Can I love my child for who they are without controlling everything they do?

Can I let go of how “I think my child should act” and accept them for who they are?

Can I let go of what a perfect day or life looks like?

Yes, yes we can. Because this life we live is full of opportunities to flourish and nourish our lives and our children’s. To show them the true meaning of forgiveness, a warm hand to hold, and how to express emotions through feeling life in a real way. No one wins a prize for the perfect cleaned house, no one feels peace without letting go of control, and no one gets further in life by blaming ourselves for all our failures. Life is meant to be lived and felt so that we may flourish and be a life giving source to our children and those around us.

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Our children see how we handle failure, they sense how we either open up or stuff are feelings. They sense it all. So don’t be afraid to let them see the real you. Show them forgiveness by forgiving yourself, show them peace by holding there hand and reading a book together, show them life is not meant to take us further away from who we are but in fact everyday we move a little closer to who we are, who we were created to be and the purpose behind it all. Show them redemption and restoration is always at our finger tips because we never lose who we are, we just stray away sometimes. You can find me tonight re~reading these words over and over again till I believe them with all my heart! 😉

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As a mother how can you loosen up on controlling the closest things in your life? What do you want your children to know and feel in this life? For me it means taking many deep breaths during the day, and bringing myself back to the present moment, not looking for whats up ahead but staying focused on the here and now. Less control=more peace, less blame=more freedom to love yourself, less shame=I am enough and I am accepted just the way I am.

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Press on Mamas, and when it gets hard, keep going because we are here and were doing this beautiful thing called “Motherhood” and its a wild ride. Take time to breathe, to surrender control, and let yourself feel peace and joy today even in the midst of your chaos.



Today was day of two of potty training, and I think we both needed a little breather. Frustrations and emotions were at an all time high. So we headed to our favorite spot by the lake and had a picnic. Beatrice munched on popcorn and listened for the sounds of helicopters while chatting away about the weather and pinecones.

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Sometimes in the daily struggles of motherhood we must remember who we are and the strength we posses. It may not come easily at first, but we grow with each new day. Beatrice speaks to me everyday, inviting growth that sometimes feels really hard and frustrating, she provokes patience to be felt and sensed through every minute of the day. And for this I am grateful. Because to truly live and be present in our children’s world means “I learn from her, and she learns from me.” Our children have so much to offer to who we are as individuals and they have so much to teach us. I live for these exhausting, beautiful, and down right messy moments in time.

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May we make time for our children to day dream, to feel nature through all of their senses, to be told what they can do and not what they cant do, to be held a little closer, to find the beauty in the pinecones and the sounds of helicopters over our heads.

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May you find strength as a mother, as a wife, and as a person to let go of any expectations or judgements you place upon yourself. May love and gratitude fill your hearts and make peace with the wars inside our heads.

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Happy Tuesday my friends from these two peaches!!:)